Shadowplay Wedding Films | About Us
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About Us

Get to know us better

Making films instead of home videos

Without compromise

We make emotional, lovely and natural movies. Our aim is to give you a movie like film about your most important day, which will make you smile or will make you be moved to tears many years after your wedding-day. We believe in pure aesthetics, and we do not believe in conventional, cliché-filled things. We want to give you a film that will be a pleasure to watch forever, whatever the prevailing aesthetic standards will be. With more then 150 international weddings (Switzerland, Germany , Austria , Greece, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Tanzania) behind us we improved our own style that became so characteristic of our work, the so called  “Shadowplay-Style”, in which cinematic storytelling and drama come together with the elegant world of weddings.

You get a wedding-movie…

…that will be a lovely memory forever,

…that you definitely will show your children with pleasure,

…that is of the highest standards and quality just like a real block-buster,

…that will not come out of fashion and you can surely be proud of it even after decades,

…that will allow you to relive the most moving and most beautiful moments of your wedding.

Natural & unobtrusive style

Candid storytelling

Our creative composition and artistic use of light is done with absolute discretion. We just capture your incredible moments from the background as they unfold. Respecting the day. Going unnoticed but creating a lifetime memory of your wedding. This is totally unobtrusive wedding film making. We are not pushy, we are very discreet. We do not like to change the nature of the event. Just us and our cams, and YOUR story to tell.

Experience in multi-cultural weddings

We are highly experienced in covering weddings from a variety of multi-cultural traditions including Christian Weddings, Jewish Weddings, Asian Weddings, Syro-Malabar weddings and Tibetan an Arabic Weddings.


Award-winning wedding filmmakers

In 2015 the Shadowplay Wedding Films team won the Hungarian Wedding “Cooperation” Award in the “Wedding Cinematographer” category.

Director, editor, videographer


Assistant, co-editor, videographer




Zoltan Maroti

Filmmaker & owner of Shadowplay Wedding Films

He studied narratives, montage theory and aesthetics at the University of Szeged,

Hungary, specialized on film theory. Though he is a film director by profession,

what makes him feel good is the world of weddings. In the genre of professional

wedding-filmmaking he is among the first representatives in Hungary. In the past

7 years, he made wedding films for more than 150 couples in 8 countries in 2 continents.


“I love to tell stories, I can show how a family comes

into life, and with that I create something valuable,

something timeless, something elegant, and something

that is most precious to human hearts: Memories.”